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price includes $1.50 PayPal fee




2018 Submission Fee

LAWTF is currently seeking female solo artists of all ethnicities and ages with original performance pieces: actors, performance artists, dancers, comedians, storytellers, singers, and performance poems from throughout the world.

Performers will be paid.  However, transportation and lodging are not included.


1. Application and supporting materials must be submitted prior to deadline of
September 1, 2017

2. Email all submissions materials to the following email address: submissions@lawtf.org

        In order to facilitate the tracking of your material, keep your name consistent.  The name used on your application should be used on all materials submitted.  Sometimes applicants apply under their stage name and then submit other materials and fees under their birth name, married name or business name. This often makes it difficult to track your files and can delay your review.

        Put the applicants name in the “Subject” line of all emails along with the actual subject.

        example: Jane Doe - resume,  or Jane Doe - press kit, etc….

3. In your email include 2 links to your videos (and any necessary access codes) for your Youtube, Vimeo or web site. (Please bold or highlight the links to the videos.)

a. A link to a 10 consecutive minute video excerpt of your solo performance.

               b. A link to your complete performance in its entirety (not to exceed 30 minutes).  

4. In your email attach the following:

a. A resume

b. Cover Letter - Introduction to the artist and basic description of your work.

        c. Photos (headshot and performance shots) with your name in the image file name.

5. Optional: Attach supporting material (reviews, programs, etc.).

6. Fill out the online application below.

7. Pay a submission fee of $41.50 via Pay Pal ($40 plus $1.50 PayPal fee) Click on the PayPal button to the left.  You can pay before or after you apply, just make sure the name used with PayPal matches the name on the application.  If you pay by check, there is no $1.50 fee.

LAWTF will send receipt of your submission

LAWTF will send notification of Festival acceptance after ALL submissions have been viewed and juried, usually in December or early January.

jones (host) The Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Festival  is accepting submissions for its 25th Annual Festival March 29 - 31. 2018